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The revolutionary and unique method for pain relief, injury prevention and enhanced performance – instantly and long lasting

It is now 2023 and Markus Erhard’s approach – The ERHARD THERAPY with MTME (Myofascial Taping by Markus Erhard) – still is ahead of time in therapy of pain relief and ehancing sports performance.
Markus has created a new therapy method and has ever since continuously developed it further.
One of my claims is ´You have to experience it to be able to believe the results and how it feels.`
Once you have seen and experienced especially MTME – Myofascial Taping by Markus Erhard, you will never work as you did before.
No matter how experienced you might be.

My seminars are aimed at people with a medical and therapeutical background, such as physiotherapists, osteopaths, physicians, masseurs, bodyworkers, fascial therapists, body workers, occupational therapists, naturopaths, in special cases also sports scientists and athletic trainers.

It is a new approach, a new thinking, new way of assesment, new treatment and understanding of the Neuro-Myo-Fascial System (NMFS).
My biggest problem in marketing is that people can never grasp what MTME is able to achieve because it is done with coloured tape. And everyone has made his experiences with various tapes and techniques. And therefore it is even harder to believe that this would be so much different. You cannot compare MTME to other taping techniques and other treatment methods – it is unique.

I have a long list of references in elite sports. I made my way and got invited to work with the best teams and athletes – especially in football, but also many many different kinds of sports. Top teams in their country and national teams.
One key in my therapy and the door opener for my success is my unique approach of Myofascia Taping – MTME.
Still my approach is holistic and I am aware of the need of manual fascial release. I have been hosting, translating and assisting the seminars of Thomas Myers and James Earls and have even been in the Development Group of Thomas Myers vor several years.
That is why in the further treatment I combine many levels – MTME, Fascial Release, movement exercises from the gait cycle, as well as reflexive points and B-E-St frequency specific microcurrent, that I hold dear.

If you want to dive into a new dimension of therapy of pain relief and enhanced sporting performance check out my seminars.
Due to growth of the family and Corona I have had a break running courses in the UK.
I am looking forward to my comeback.
My methode has been so much further developed that it kind of became another new method in case you have been on my courses before. If you have been on one of my courses before the seminar and the method is new to you.
If you have been on a seminar of my taping method before, please get in touch that we can check for a discount for you.
I am really looking forward to get back in touch again and see how you have been doing.

Below you find the structure of my seminars.
At the moment I only run MTME courses (Level 1) abroad.
On my seminars you will get more info on the other levels.

  • Level 1: Myofascial Taping by Markus Erhard (MTME)
    (The most significant development)
  • Master Level 1
  • Level 2: Coupled Movement Exercises of the gait cycle
  • Master Level 2
  • Level 3: Functional Manual Fascial Release
  • Master Level 3
  • Level 4: Master Integration
  • Level 5: Expert (Exam)
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The core of the MTME method is not just a new way of taping itself. The seminars teach a new level of fascia orientated and movement efficiency orientated differential diagnosis and treatment of the Neuro-Myo-Fascial System (NMFS) and related posture and movement patterns.

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Interview after the first MTME treatment for Ivana Dojkic.

Croatia’s No 1 female basketball player, playing for Croatia and
Bologna Euroleague Women.

Ivana took the chance to get a treatment from Markus Erhard the first time he was in Croatia for a keynote in 2022, speaking about his own developed treatment method to officials of various associations in sports, like the Olympic Comittee, the basketball association, handball association, football association etc.
When she heard about a possible time slot, she drove 4 hours from Bologna to Istria.

She was overwhelmed by the effects. Click for the video and see yourself.

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Clubs and athletes treated by Markus Erhard

Radio Interview

Croatian Handball Federation

Ivana Dojkic

Baden TV

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