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New pain therapy according to Markus Erhard

Lecture with raffle for a free treatment by Markus Erhard.

Date: To be announced
Time: 8 p.m. – 9 p.m.
Price: Free
Location: Online (From the comfort of your home)


I present my successful treatment concept for pain therapy and pain prevention.

In doing so, I will certainly present different perspectives, explanations and solutions than previously known, or as medicine knows it.

The lectures are intended to enlighten and present effective solutions for patients who have already tried “everything” or who have already given up hope.

My pain therapy works naturally without medication.

Clarify questions

Immediately after the lecture, I offer the opportunity to clarify questions, both in large groups and in a personal conversation. In order to give everyone enough time for this, everyone is invited to linger for a drink or two after the lecture.

Take the chance

With every lecture, one person wins a treatment. Each participant receives one ticket. The raffle will take place immediately after the lecture.


My team and I look forward to hearing many people about this new treatment method and if you make other acquaintances and friends who are struggling with pain aware of the lecture. Therefore, please pass on the lecture.

Who is the lecture for?

Participation is limited. Participation is only possible after registering by email or telephone. Registration is free.


If you are interested in this lecture, please send an email to


Participation after registration by email or phone.
Phone: 07223 9577270

Markus Erhard and team
Alternative practitioner & sports scientist