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Erhard Therapy & MTME

Revolutionary approach, diagnostics, reasoning, and treatment method.
Start treating like you‘ve never did before!
Achieve successful results that you would not even have dreamt of.

Erhard Therapie is a new and holistic form of treatment . Not only the way of treatment is new, but also the whole thinking and testing behind it. You learn to see with `new` eyes, and with a new understanding of connections and reciprocal relations of the Neuro-Myo-Fascial System (NMFS) and the effects on posture and especially on movements and gait.
The education brings a new level of neuro-myo-fascial orientated differential diagnosis of the functional and structural system and changes of fascia, posture and movement patterns.
Compensational patterns are then treated at the root causes to bring back normal tension in the myofascial system within a split of a second (about 0.1 sec).
Due to functional change and control of fascial receptors, muscles go back to a normal myofascial tension, so that muscles can react quickly again, and movement gets efficient, controlled, stable and pain free, instantly.

New method and content from A to Z

After the MTME seminar you will never work as you did before, and you will never have the same thinking and approach as before.
The Myofascial Taping Method by Markus Erhard (MTME) is really NEW and it will teach you an new way of thinking and working and being successful like never before.
When you think it was just a new name but old knowledge just with a nice packaging, then you are all wrong.
I give my word that this is new and a really totally different approach, and the effects have to be seen and experienced to believe the results and especially what movement and gait feels like.
I promise that you will be stunned of the MTME method and what great results you can achieve within a couple of seconds/ minutes.

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Level 1: MTME - Myofascial Taping by Markus Erhard (Basic, Advanced, Professional)08.+09.03.2024 u. 26.+27.04.2024Level 1: MTME - Myofascial Taping by Markus Erhard (Basic, Advanced, Professional)Bühlertal, Germany Add to basket
Level 1 - Compact - London14. + 15.06.2024Level 1 - Compact - LondonLondon, UK Add to basket
Erhard Therapie – Horse & Rider - MTME Taping & B-E-St Frequency-specific micro current21. - 22.06.2024Erhard Therapie – Horse & Rider - MTME Taping & B-E-St Frequency-specific micro currentBühlertal, Germany Add to basket