MTME – Taping Seminar – London


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MTME – Taping Seminar (Level 1 compact intensive seminar)

Myofascial Taping by Markus Erhard

London (TBA)

7th May 2023

10.00 – 18.00 o’clock

290,00 €

Early bird:
160,00 € til 31st March 2023

Course description

The ERHARD THERAPY with MTME (Myofascial Taping by Markus Erhard) – still is ahead of time in therapy of pain relief and ehancing sports performance.
Markus has created a new therapy method and has ever since continuously developed it further.

MTME is a new and holistic form of treatment. Not only the way of treatment is new, but also the whole thinking and testing behind it. You learn to see with `new` eyes, and with a new understanding of connections and reciprocal relations of the Neuro-Myo-Fascial System (NMFS) and the effects on posture and especially on movements and gait.

One of my claims is ´You have to experience it to be able to believe the results and how it feels.`

Once you have seen and experienced MTME – Myofascial Taping by Markus Erhard, you will never work as you did before.
No matter how experienced you might be.

It is a new approach, a new thinkingnew way of assesmentnew treatment and understanding of the Neuro-Myo-Fascial System (NMFS).
My biggest problem in marketing is that people can never grasp what MTME is able to achieve because it is done with coloured tape. And everyone has made his experiences with various tapes and techniques. And therefore it is even harder to believe that this would be so much different.

You cannot compare MTME to other taping techniques and other treatment methods – it is unique.

I have a long list of references in elite sports. I made my way and got invited to work with the best teams and athletes – especially in football, but also many many different kinds of sports. Top teams in their country and national teams.
One key in my therapy and the door opener for my success is my unique approach of Myofascia Taping – MTME.

The core of the MTME method is not just a new way of taping itself. The seminar teaches a new level of fascia orientated and movement efficiency orientated differential diagnosis and treatment of the Neuro-Myo-Fascial System (NMFS) and related posture and movement patterns.

The seminar teaches a new understanding and a unique approach as a basis to find out the real deficits, the compensational tensions and coupled dysfunctions of the NMFS.

  • Revolutionary diagnostics, strategy and approach
  • Normalise myofascial tension through the Neuro- Myo-Fascial System
  • Control myofascial tension during movement, gait and sports
  • Outstanding and quick pain relief
  • Bring movement efficiency instantly
  • Prevent injury by revealing compensational patterns
  • Enhance movement and sporting performance instantly

Compensational tensions will be tracked and treated at its real sources and will be brought back to normal tension, instantaneously, within a split of a second (about 0.1 sec).

With the same speed, muscle function and motor control will be restored back to normal by functionally controlling the fascial receptors at any time and during movement.

Since the MyofascialTape® (other properties than kinesiology tape) is maintaining a normal myofascial tension DURING MOVEMENT, it can break vicious circles of dysfunctional posture and compensational movement patterns and acute and chronic pain syndromes, in a revolutionary and instant way. At the very moment the body experiences movement without pain or normal myofascial tension a lasting change is happening.

By MTME the NMFS is now not busy compensating all the time, but open and accessible for new, or more likely forgotten movement patterns, that can and will be retrained, as you see and learn it on the seminar, which can be compared to new programming or restoring of efficient movement patterns.


Revolutionary analysis and treatment method for the neuro-myofascial system

The Myofascial Taping method according to Markus Erhard (MTME) is a unique, most innovative and revolutionary taping method, based on the regulation of the myofascial tension to restore myofascial balance by new unique myofascial taping techniques, restoring muscle function and controlling the myofascial tension in posture and during movement. This influence also rids the body of restrictions and reduces pain in an outstanding way, in most cases completely, in only one therapy session.

Since most of the effects are caused by the influence and control of fascial receptors, these outstanding outcomes happen withing a split of a second (about 0.1 sec), which makes the seminar participants and the clients in clinic stun, even (or especially) if they have tried many other therapies before. They stun because it works so effectively and especially how quick it works.

After applying the required tapes, special movements will be used to re-programm movement paterns to make the efficient movement and freedom of pain long lasting and to prevent further inappropriate mechanics along the chain.

For MTME Markus has invented his own tape with special properties, flexotape® – MyofascialTape®, Both, the taping technique and the tape, although looking similar, cannot be compared to kinesiology taping or other taping techniques. Also the properties of flexotape® is unlike kinesiology tapes or other tapes.

Several thousand therapists, doctors, movement specialist around the world are already working with this unique taping method of Markus Erhard. Markus has been invited to many national and international congresses as keynote speaker and to many elite sport clubs for trainings and treatment of the athletes.
The list speaks for itself: References!

Course participants will learn new functional and neuronal connections of the NMFS, new screening methods and a totally new way of taping for all kinds of myofascial / musculoskeletal scenarios that can come up.
Acute and chronic pain and dysfunctions like low back pain, neck pain, back pain in general, migraine, impingement syndromes of the rotator cuff or hip, SIJ, Slipped discs, tennis elbow, movement restrictions etc. won’t be a long and hard challenge and task to tackle anymore but a possibility to show that behind all of these problems there are neuro-myofascial related tension and compensation patterns that can be sorted and pain free with fully gained movement often within one therapy session by MTME.


MTME in Sports

MTME offers athletes a new way of analysis of myofascial related tension and movement patterns that are crucial for the sporting performance, recovery and injury prevention. MTME is not only a great new way for differential diagnosis but in the same time offers the therapeutic solution after injury and problems often leading to injuries or overuse can be revealed and eliminated before they happen. One of the most important advantages for sports is that the effects (control of myofascial tension, pain relief, increased max force, increased ROM, etc.) are maintained, during any movement 24/7 – less risk of injury, better performance!


Revolutionary Pain Relief

The most valuable effect of MTME is the quick and outstanding pain-relieving effect for acute and chronic myofascial pain syndromes, leading to a pain free posture and movement – usually within one session which can give also hope for those given up.

If you want to dive into a new dimension of therapy of pain relief and enhanced sporting performance sign up and see you soon on the seminar.


A complete and holistic form of treatment and therapy
Erhard Therapy, including MTME, is not just another tool, but a complete and independent form of treatment and therapy, with a unique aproach, reasoning, and way of treatment. It is a fundamental way of diagnostics, treatment and strategies how to work with the patient and athlete from the first moment on for the best way of treatment to get rid of the sources of deficites / problems, not just the symptoms.

The potential of enhancing movment quality and range, the outstanding pain relief and enhanced performance is so high, that one has to experience the effects themselves to be able to understand and believ it. Especially, because it happens right away, instantly.

The method, the effects, the new thinking, strategy, way of treatment is a paradigm shift.

There is a reason why I have such great success working for years with top athletes in the highest leagues and national teams.


Get rid of old thinking
We are not thinking in clinical pictures!!! Clinical pictures will never be the basis of our thinking and approach. We will rather see beyond the symptoms and how they develop. Sure I will refer to them for a better learning effect and to be able to get rid of the old thinking.

A basis will be the new understanding about movement, coupled movement, movement efficiency!!!, differential diagnostics to see whether compensations have rather a muscular or rather fascial dominance (it will always be both, though, but there often is a clear dominance).

I have different ideas and perception on movement and how movement and gait should look like, and where the real problems come from – often even contrary!!! compared to physiotherapy, osteopathy, medicine, sports science. And in the past I had the same old thinking.

By this new thinking and knowledge we can then finally find out about deficites and deviations from what we want to see and what we find good and right so we can treat the important parts in the body. And one needs to check the whole body to get the big picture and body wide compensations. You get a new standard and map of relationships and connections.

The new understanding on posture, movement and efficiency and the according findings will lead us to the connections and body wide compensational patterns. Only then one will understand why shoulder pain might come from deficits in movement of the feet, or hip, or other body parts that makes movement in the shoulder inefficient and therefore muscles get overused with more and more tension increasing pressure in the joints more and more. And somewhen it often gets painful.

The MTME method will guide and teach you to see the mechanisms and deficits where they really are.

With the unique MTME method you can find out the real compensational patterns and sources and treat them on a complete new level of effect.

Myofascial tension can get normalised within a split of a second. Movement gets efficient (it takes less muscular work), making a breakthrough of the negative compensational circle.

MTME is a key to success, because many parts (muscles, myofasicial lines) can be normalised simultaneously. Ever part can work together efficiently. The movement experiences are crucial for brain, re-programming the movement patterns.

With MTME I want to show you what is possible in pain therapy and enhancing sporting performance regarding the overall result but also regarding the speed of the effects / success.

I can already tell you that you have to get rid of old thinking and standard knowledge.
Otherwise you would block the whole process and success.

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