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Kick off seminar in UK

For the introduction of this method in the UK we are offering the first 2 seminars for a special price.  Regular price is 290€. Now we offer it for only 180€, and early bird until 21st April 2023 only 120€.

Don’t miss the other kick off seminar of the MTME method on the 7th of May 2023 at the same place.

B-E-St Bio Energy Stimulation
Frequency specific micro current seminar

London (TBA)

6th May 2023

10 – 18.00 o’clock

180,00 € (regular 290 €)

120,00 € early bird til 21st April 2023

Course description

Learn and experience the power and possibilities of B-E-St – Bio-Energy-Stimulation, a special form of frequency specific microcurrent and ‘hack your body’ in various fields, not just for pain therapy and sporting performance, but also for general health, metabolism, inflammation, digestion, concussion, organs and much much more.

Markus is running the seminars in cooperation with JeeCee and Jacques Caluwe Sr., who has developed this sophisticated method and has more than 40 years of experience in this field. Markus has been studying closely with Jacques Caluwe Sr. Once you have seen and experienced it, there is no way around this method. A method Markus Erhard has incorporated into his practise and own way of treatment and teachings since 2018.
Markus is also using it for all the top athletes and the players of national teams and Champions League he is working with.

This seminar is an introduction to see and feel the power and possibilities of B-E-St.

After the introduction seminar there will be further seminars with many incredible ways of treatment and effects in the body.


Seminar content 

  • Introduction in the philosophy of Jee Cee B-E-St concept
  • What is B-E-St? What are the positive effects of frequency specific micro current and how does it work on cellular and overall level?
  • The absolute great way of treatment with the hand electrodes, gloves, pads and acupuncture electrodes, and the extension cables to combine exercises with micro current treatment
  • STaR programmes (Soft Tissue advanced Therapy). Programmes running automatically for over 160 indications
  • Highlights:
    • the knowledge and treatment of reflex responding muscles
    • the outstanding and effective way of treating the diaphragm and its connections (shoulder, hip, neck, back, thorax)
    • Nervus vagus: A new and effective way of treating the Nervus Vagus, a booster for general health and to get control over inflammation in the body.
    • Medula Oblongata and the trauma protocol to get rid of systemic problems of any trauma, physically and mentally, influencing muscle tension, metabolism, breathing, delayed healing and decreased performance
  • Q & A


Mechanisms and effects

B-E-St frequency specific micro current is a very versatile kind of treatment.
Due to the micro current with a very low amperage, there are many effects happening at once:

There are different mechanisms that are running simultaneously.
One mechanism is, that microcurrent will increase the production of ATP by 500 – 800%!!!
No matter what cell you want to address, no matter if it is a muscle cell, a fascia cell, bone, cartilage, tendon, ligament, vessel, lymph nodes, liver, glands, intestines, heart, the brain, the eye, parts of the eye, etc.)
The current will reach all parts in the body directly, with some really incredible results (whereas there are parts that we cannot reach directly by our hands).

ATP is the fuel and chemical basis of all living cells. It is necessary for all physical processes in the body, like movement, blood circulation, temperature control, cleansing the blood, breathing, thinking, growth, cell regeneration, healing processes during sickness, wound healing and so on.

Increasing ATP will lead to a quick pain relief and a quick wound healing.
This kind of current reactivates disturbed cells, restoring their function and help to recover much faster from injuries.

Additionally, specific frequencies are transported via the current as well.
Every single part of the body has a specific frequency when it will go into resonance.
By the frequency one can address the different parts of the body to focus on this very tissue!!!
And this very tissue will have a bigger turnover, more blood flow, better nutrition.
In a nutshell: the most useful game changing part is that torn, broken or strained tissue will be recovered / healed by about half the time!!!!!!!!!!
More than this, recovery can be boosted by the recovery programs, activating the vagus nerve, recovery of the adrenal glands, increasing the lymph flow and blood flow, decreasing inflammation processes, increasing the metabolism system (large and small intestine, liver, thyroid, adrenal glands, pancreas…), increasing testosterone on a normal physiological pathway, eliminating estrogen (that blocks many pathways of steroidal hormones!!! – Pregnenolone Steal / Cortisol Escape!!!)

The highlights of this seminar
One of the highlights will be the treatment of the soft tissue, muscle and fascia, that will have benefits on top of the neuronal treatment (MTME) and the manual fascial treatment!
It just will increase the ATP production in the muscle and the ‘softness’ / ability to glide.
And there are 2 areas where it is mind blowing, because you cannot achieve these results without the microcurrent of Jee Cee – B-E-St (Bio Energy Stimulation).
One is the diaphragm. You can release all the soft tissue in the thorax – diaphragm, mediastinum, the many ligaments attached – and you will see that there often is a barrage of improvements. Since the diaphragm has many connections, all the connected parts will increase in range, and movement will also get efficient.
Rotation of the thorax (a very important role), thoracic movement in general (EXT, FX, Rotation), rotation of the neck / head, the rotation of the shoulder, increased range of the hip, the suspension mechanism of the foot and leg, better breathing.
Really cool stuff! I have seen the improvement in so many patients, athletes, and myself. So cool, to have a tool to have direct access to treat that part. Usually, one could only treat small parts of it. Now, it is a direct and kind of a ‘full’, total or holistic treatment.

The other area is the knowledge of Reflex Responding Muscles (RRM). There is a mechanism going on, triggering muscles to go into a protection reflex when you have an injury, when the body is in shock, or even if you are in stress. No matter if physically or mentally …. It always works as a reflex and a series of specific muscles increase their tension as a protection mechanism. That blocks / kills movement in these areas just like that. It can also be a hard tackle and once they are in ‘protective tension’ the compensations carry on.
This is something that should become a regular treatment every now and then, depending on the training volume, matches and overall condition. In the field of elite sports, it should be used from every day to once a week or once in a fortnight. Once found out that this mechanism is running, it should be treated regularly for a couple of days or weeks to get out of this mechanism.

There is much more in the device and the method
There are around 160 automatic programs (and also about 100 for horses and dogs if you are into it), where you just have to place 4 to 8 electrodes on the body to aim for the area to be treated, and it goes through a very intelligent protocol. The automatic programs don’t need to be supervised, they just run through and produce good results. Many of my players even use it while they sleep. Time wisely spent 😊 or while watching TV, reading etc.
And last but not least, protein synthesis is increased, lymph flow in general is increased, t cells will be increased, just by using the microcurrent.

It is a holistic approach for pain therapy and enhancing sporting performance and faster recovery from injuries.

This is a true boost. Either you have it or not.


Here is an excerpt of indications for the use of Bio-Energy-Stimulation (B-E-St):

  • Injuries of muscle, fascia, tendon, ligaments, joints, cartilage
  • Tight, cramping, weak musculature
  • Adhered fascia and limited range of movement
  • Regeneration after sports
  • akute and chronic inflammation, fibromyalgia, auto immune diseases
  • Detox
  • decreased blood flow
  • vein problems
  • Digestion problems
  • Improved wound healing
  • Improvement of the immune system
  • Increasing lymph cells
  • Overcoming stress, fatigue, sleeping problems, stroke, multiple sclerosis
  • Degenerative diseases like arthroses, rheumatism, osteoporosis

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