Erhard Therapie – Horse & Rider – MTME Taping & B-E-St Frequency-specific micro current

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Erhard Therapie – Horse & Rider – MTME Taping & B-E-St Frequency-specific micro current


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Day 1:
09:00 – 18:00 Uhr

Day 2:
09:00 – 17:00 Uhr

Day 1: On the person
MTME – Myofascial Taping according to Markus Erhard
B-E-St Microcurrent by JeeCee

Day 2: On the horse
MTME – Myofascial Taping according to Markus Erhard
B-E-St Microcurrent by JeeCee


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Course description

Anyone who knows me knows that I am extremely innovative and successful. Both with the treatment methods, the techniques and also with the products. I love exploring new connections and linking and combining effective things.
I have been planning this new course concept for a long time. And now the time has come.
And it’s certainly never been done before.
We will be combining the B-E-St by JeeCee microcurrent treatment method with my taping method MTME (Myofascial Taping according to Markus Erhard).
Even though that would already be a highlight, that’s not all.
But that’s not all.
It is clear to me that horse and rider are one unit. That’s why both have to work well.
We see endless possibilities through the two methods in a wide variety of areas. Orthopaedic (muscles, fascia, joints, tendons, ligaments, etc.), organ health, digestion, inflammation, metabolic issues, regeneration, trauma, emotional components and so on.

The aim is to improve processes at the level of the neuro-myo-fascial system (NMFS) as well as at cellular level. We can specifically choose which cells (muscle, fascia, tendons, ligaments, lymph, vessels or organs such as the liver, kidneys, heart, pancreas or brain, eyes, ears, teeth, etc.) and we can also have a direct influence at a deep level. If you find the relevant problems and treat them in the right places with the right methods and frequencies, the results are often astonishing.
ATP is an energy carrier and the chemical basis of all living cells. This substance is required for all physiological processes in which energy is consumed,
z. For example, movement, blood circulation, temperature regulation, blood purification, breathing, mental exertion, growth, cell renewal, the healing process for diseases and wounds, etc. The increase in ATP is important in the process of pain relief and rapid wound healing. This type of current enables the reactivation of dysfunctional cells by sending the organ’s own frequency as a reminder to the specific cells, making the organ function better again.

And now comes the point that is so important to me. We don’t just look at the horses, we also look at the riders. And both are diagnosed and treated in our new and innovative way.
For many years now, I have been treating people from the most diverse areas of sport with great success. Even though soccer, handball, rugby and tennis are the main sports in which I work with world-class athletes, I have athletes from almost all other sports who are struggling with pain, but who only come to me to improve their sporting performance. I have also been treating riders for years. And what happens there is enormous. Most of them have already had a lot of falls, but riding in itself also creates corresponding stress patterns that have a one-sided effect on posture and movement and result in many different chains of dysfunction and overloads, causing high permanent tension on muscles and fasciae, which in turn leads to many other deficits in movement, posture, strength, regeneration, performance etc. and then eventually ends in pain and wear and tear.

On the one hand, my method allows us to recognize, see and determine these deficits long before pain or wear occurs and how the tension chains are connected. Accordingly, we can then start to treat them before pain, wear and tear and reduced performance occur.
In my opinion, there is nothing better than prevention. But who knows these connections and chains of causes? Most people only think about going to the doctor or therapist when they feel it themselves, i.e. when they are in pain.
And the other important point is controlling the horse while riding. The majority of riders are so changed by my treatment method, in a positive sense, that the first time they ride after the first treatment from me, the horse no longer knows what the rider wants from them. If, for example, the shoulder axis and pelvic axis are balanced again in these areas and there is more movement (whether hip drop or anterior / posterior tilt), this is new for the horse. The rider tries to pass on the commands as usual, but the conditions and movement possibilities are completely different.

The horse was previously adjusted to the unbalanced rider. And the greater the positive change in the rider, the easier it is for the horse the first time it is ridden.
Luckily, this “phenomenon” has really only occurred the first time the horse was ridden after the first treatment. From the second time onwards, the horse should feel even better than before. Rider and horse form a better functional unit.
But this shows the effectiveness of these treatment methods very well. And who wouldn’t want to benefit from these methods as a person?

From a didactic point of view, the first part of the course involves learning the microcurrent and myofascial taping methods according to Markus Erhard on the rider.
What we learn helps when we start treating the horses. Some things on the horse are the same or similar, but many things are different in the way the horse absorbs the information and treatments and processes the effect.


Program & Topics

– Introduction to the philosophy of MTME – Myofascial Taping according to Markus Erhard and JeeCee Total Therapy & B-E-St concept

– What is MTME, what is B-E-St? What are the positive effects of MTME and frequency-specific microcurrent and how does it work on a neuro-myo-fascial and cellular level?

– Special diagnostics by Markus Erhard in the area of posture and movement testing to find out the real causes.

– B-E-St tools such as hand electrodes & gloves with the different manual techniques, adhesive electrodes, acupuncture clips and long cables to combine B-E-St with exercises.

– STaR or Soft Tissue advanced Therapy (overview of 160 programs and their function). What is important, or what are the most important programs and treatment sequences in humans, what is important in horses?

– The knowledge about and treatment of reflexively reacting muscles

– The fascinating treatment methods and effects on the diaphragm and all the connections to the shoulder, neck, head, dura, back and hip.

– Vagus nerve: A new and effective way to treat the vagus nerve, a booster for general health and to gain control over inflammatory processes in the body.

– Medulla Oblongata and the Trauma Protocol to resolve systemic issues and work on many levels. Resolving trauma (physical, psychological), influencing muscle tension, metabolic processes, breathing, healing delays, stress, emotional components, reduced performance, etc.


As we “only” have one day for diagnosing and treating people, we will concentrate on the most important areas in order to work as efficiently as possible but also to be effective at the same time, so that what we have learned can be successfully applied in practice straight away.
We will use parts and especially highlights from Level 1, the most important building block of the MTME method in the course.
You can read more about the whole course at this link:
The same applies to JeeCee’s B-E-St microcurrent method.
You can also find out more about this at this link:

Do you still have questions to convince you to start a new world?

Then get in touch with me.

Otherwise decide on “YOUR NEW START” with me!


Markus Erhard


Additional information


2 Days


Course date

21. – 22. Juni 2024

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