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Pain-free and better golf

How is that possible?

My goal is not only to make golfing painless, but also to give every golfer, from amateur athletes to world professionals, more performance.

Date: To be announced
Time: 8 p.m. – 9 p.m.
Price: Free
Location: Online (From the comfort of your home)

Lecture with a raffle for a free treatment to play golf better and painlessly

Erhard therapy in golf

For over 10 years I have treated many top athletes from many different sports.


I love to analyze movements and to see where the real deficits are.
But I look, think and work in a new and different way – sometimes against familiar points of view.
And what fascinates me, and above all the athletes or patients, is that there are changes that you can see, feel and measure immediately.

This applies to all sports, not just golf, and exercise in general. Since I discovered golf for myself in 2003, I prefer to work in this area.

I love the complexity of the golf swing and how each area of ​​the body helps make a dynamic and efficient swing.

However, only a small part in the body is enough to disturb the smoothness of the swing, to make it tough, to steal strength, to reduce performance – and above all other areas of the body are excessively stressed with excessive force peaks, which again at a later point in time Cause problem or pain.


My goal is not only to make golfing painless, but to give every golfer, from amateur athletes to world professionals, more performance.

The increased performance means in particular a shot that is lighter, rounder, more dynamic, more precise and wider and that is still “fresh” after 18/36 holes.

You will find out in my lecture

  • why this works for just about every person / athlete
  • how this should work
  • why at the same time the risk of injury is reduced
  • why the whole thing is also sustainable

I used to travel across Europe, now I would like to present my working methods and methods here in the region. After all, you can get to know this in my practice in Bühlertal and, if necessary, in an on-site association.

Clarify questions

Immediately after the lecture, I offer the opportunity to clarify questions, both in large groups and in a personal conversation. In order to give everyone enough time for this, everyone is invited to linger for a drink or two after the lecture.

Take the chance

With every lecture, one person wins a treatment. Each participant receives one ticket. The raffle will take place immediately after the lecture.


My team and I look forward to hearing many people about this new treatment method and if you make other acquaintances and friends who are struggling with pain aware of the lecture. Therefore, please pass on the lecture.

Who is the lecture for?

The lecture is only intended for patients or those affected.


If you are interested in this lecture, please send an email to


Participation is limited. Participation is only possible after registering by email or telephone. Registration is free.

Phone: 07223-9577270

Markus Erhard and team
Alternative practitioner & sports scientist