B-E-St Frequency-specific microcurrent by JeeCee


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Zürich, address will be announced.

Day 1: 12am – 6pm
Day 2: 9am – 6pm
Day 3: 9am – 3pm

485,00 €
Students receive a discount on request

Seminar content

The Markus Erhard Academy & JeeCee Academy are delighted to invite you to our 3 days frequency specific microcurrent B-E-St by JeeCee seminar.

3 days fully packed – learn & Experience the unique B-E-St treatments & results.
Always combined with lots of entertainment and going out together in the evenings for dinner and enjoying the beautiful city Zurich.

Programme & topics

Day 1 (12am – 6pm); B-E-St Intro

  • Introduction to the philosophy of JeeCee Total Therapy & B-E-St concept
  • What is B-E-St? What are the positive effects of the frequency-specific microcurrent and how it works at the cellular level?
  • B-E-St tools such as hand electrodes & gloves with the various manual techniques, Adhesive electrodes, acupuncture clips and long cables to combine B-E-St with exercises.
  • Frequencies
  • STaR or Soft Tissue advanced Therapy 
  • Overview of 148 programs and their functions
  • Manual techniques combined with microcurrent
  • Unique combination programmes like “muscle and soft tissue”, “lymph” and “Jacque’s recipe”
  • The function of our brain and the neurosensory system in sports, exercise therapy and rehab 
  • New B-E-St programs (update for the units can be done at the event)

Day 2 (9am – 6pm); Groin injuries

The collective name for disorders at the level of the pubic area, groin, lower abdomen, and genitals.
We will analyse and treat these complaints biomechanically, biochemically, mentally, emotionally
and energetically. The use of the right B-E-St programs and corresponding techniques are put into

Day 3 (9am – 3pm); Entrapment Neuropathology

The encapsulation, entanglement, entrapment of our nerve structures is examined in more detail.
The use of appropriate B-E-St STAR programs is viewed in detail, such as “hip to foot neuropathy” and “Dura Mater STAR”.
We will treat the pinching structures and learn accompanying exercises.


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3 Days


Course date

23. – 25. Juni 2023